Hello Night
Author: Amy Costales
Illustrator: Mercedes McDonald
Luna Rising 2007
ISBN 10:0-87358-91927-0

International Latino Book Awards Best Bilingual Picture Book 2008
The Best Books of 2008 List San Diego County Library

It is time to go to bed. But first, it is time to take a walk, greet the night, and enjoy all the beauty of twilight just as the moon comes out. I was not sure which was more beautiful, the illustrations that managed to be bright and colorful while still soft and calming, or the lovely text, which pulled off the amazing feat of rhyming in two different languages while keeping the same meaning. --Beautiful Books

This lovely and soothing book begins when the sun sets and the night emerges. Mom and son go for a walk and say hello to everything who passes the stroller on their way. They greet the night, the owl, the cricket, the stars, and many other things. Their walk ends when they arrive home and greet the bed and the boy's duckie pajamas, as he gets ready for sleep. He happily welcomes the night and enjoys his slumber. In the vein of "Goodnight Moon", this is a perfect bilingual book to rock a child to sleep. Its soft, dreamlike acrylic illustrations are inviting, and the brief rhyming sentences flow across the artwork. Even the most stubborn child is sure to welcome bedtime after listening to this story. Recommended for libraries and bookstores. --Críticas

My son was just a few weeks old when I started taking him outside in the evening. He would go quiet in my arms in the cool night air. I would point out the moon, the flowers, and because we loved in India, the fruit bats in the trees and the cows in the street. As he grew he began to point things out to me. When he was a toddler, my son and I spent a month or so at my parents' house in California. Our nighttime walks were exciting because the sites were new, and he was talking up a storm. I would snuggle him into his stroller with his special stuffed animal Haati (Hindi for elephant) and a blanket. I pushed him along the streets of Orange, where remnants of a more rural era are all around. Sam whispered to everything he saw in a wonderful mixture of English and Spanish. As for me? Well, I wrote this story. It stayed in a drawer in my desk for two years. When I finally submitted it to the editor, it was accepted the next day! This is my third book.

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