abuelita full of life
Author: Amy Costales
Illustrator: Martha Avilés
Luna Rising 2007
ISBN 10:0-87358-914-9

Book of Américas Commendable Title 2008
Pura Belpré Award Nomination 2008
New Mexico Book Awards Finalist 2008
Tejas Star Book Award Finalist 2009/2010
Chicano/Chicana Studies Collection at CSUN
Center for Youth Ethics Collection at Josephson Institute

A bilingual English/Spanish picture book about José, a young boy who must adjust to the arrival of his grandmother from Mexico. José has to change his ways by making more space for her, speaking Spanish to her, and listening to her music at times. But he discovers that he doesn't mind the changes at all, for his Abuelita is astoundingly full of life! There is never a dull moment as she shows him things he never stopped to look closely at before. A heartwarming story about bonding with family, highly recommended.--Midwest Book Review

A sweet, charming story about a young boy's relationship with his grandmother. It is a fun, touching story that is beautifully illustrated. The vivid images are creative, colorful and lively, bringing the story to life. --Teachers' Discovery

One day I was sitting on the grass toying with a story about a grandmother in my head when I saw my mother-in-law running behind my nephew on his bike. I was moved by her energy and her love for her grandchildren on both sides of the border. I thought about my mother, and the hours she spends sewing and cooking for her grandchildren. I thought about my own grandmothers, and the ways in which they cared for my siblings and me and the border they crossed to visit me in my childhood. In the end I wrote about an Abuelita full of life who crosses a border to help care for her grandchildren! The topic of immigration and extended family are what compelled me to write picture books, and both appear in my second book.

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